CASE STUDY Web Channel Strategy & Framework


The retirement services division of a top tier insurance institution

The Opportunity

Shift the business cost model and build scale by leveraging the Web to move additional business processes and client interactions online

The Challenges

  • What should be the business strategic intent for the Web channel?
  • How far should we drive towards a low-touch self-service model?
  • What are the technology implications of this business strategic intent?
  • What should our future state Web technology environment be to drive down cost and improve scalability?
  • Where should we focus our Web investment resources to generate the most value?
  • How should we position the build-out of the Web channel to launch iterative waves of business value?

Our Role

  • Refined the business case for the Web Strategy Initiative
  • Facilitated the prioritization of the Web Strategic Focus between Operational Excellence, Product Leadership, and Customer Intimacy objectives
  • Analyzed competing business objectives and made a case for automating services related to profitable high-revenue products, and launching product innovations for profitable but low-revenue lines
  • Assessed the firm’s competitive positioning on the web and identified gaps needed to achieve best practices among industry peers
  • Determined current state capabilities – both business and technical – via comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Prioritized web initiatives to maximize positive impact; recommended a set of iterative waves of business value to address the initiatives in priority sequence
  • Developed a business objective to technology matrix to identify investments and categorize them as required, enabling, or incremental in their impact
  • Defined a future-state technology stack that would be highly scalable and cost-efficient
  • Defined an Enterprise Architecture to support the future-state web technologies.

Bottom Line

The firm had a clear road-map for harnessing digital technologies to significantly enhance Operational Excellence, Product Leadership, and Customer Intimacy