The Commercial Lending market is evolving more rapidly than ever; to keep up you need the innovation, experience and proven solutions of one or more trusted software partners. However, is it better to go best of breed, or can you bolt on the latest loan origination system with your trusty old loan servicing platform? Hobbs Madison has helped many banks to identify, negotiate, implement, configure and test the most advanced commercial loan origination and booking solutions available in the market for commercial loans origination, servicing and workouts for Wholesale, Middle Market, Small Business, Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Construction, Asset-Based Lending and Capital Markets. We also know the old systems, and how to mix and match best of breed applications to get the most out of your unique combination of systems.

Banks want comprehensive loan origination systems (LOS) that offer lead management, reporting and easy data integration. At the same time, they must mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies and profitability. They may have older loan tracking systems that may not support all the current regulatory scrutiny, or that may not have kept up with your increasingly complex customer needs that may require support of payments in different currencies and custom frequencies. We have experience with nearly all commercial loans vendors and solutions and can help you:

  • Deliver real Straight Through Processing (STP) to give your commercial lenders the fastest throughput to increase win rates
  • Identify customer and regulatory risk
  • Improve deal tracking and simplify audit trails
  • Automate your mid-market lending business for more successful outcomes


Commercial lenders must continue to ensure that the loans and leases they originate are correctly priced, and that the risks in each transaction are fairly judged to generate returns sufficient to satisfy both debt and equity providers. Today, very few organizations can attract talent with “cradle-to-grave” experience in business development, underwriting, portfolio management and workout. The organizations that can implement solutions to help them make the fewest mistakes will win the long-term pricing game. In addition, leaning out your commercial lending front-to-back office can ultimately help you to improving credit quality by providing your lenders access to better data from more real time sources to create better decisions.