Contact centers have been rapidly evolving to become the hub of the modern customer experience universe. Gone are the days when mere multi-channel delivery solutions are enough.   Instead financial services firms must engage customers through all channels in real time on the customers’ terms all while wrestling with how to keep cost metrics below the industry standard. Contact centers are driving new waves of innovation by:

  • Introducing new customer segmentation strategies to provide highly differentiated customer experiences… down to a segment of 1
  • Virtualizing contact centers in the cloud and across many logical and physical domains
  • Contact Center Digitization that allows real time management of all customer assets and interactions in a single console

Our clients are successfully paying for these types of innovations by:

  • Moving contacts and work to consolidated contact centers that integrate contact resolution and problem resolution into a single location
  • Robotizing work from multiple platforms to a single, consolidated workstation
  • Intelligently eliminating contacts with proactive problem resolution and customer outreach to prevent small problems from growing into large customer defection rates

Key Success Secrets

Contact centers are complex parts of the organization, with specialized telephony technology that requires access to enterprise data. Proven business and technical strategic partners that will help you with a successful implementation.   There are numerous project barriers that your implementation partner must help you address or eliminate or:

  • Data Quality – Do you have the right data, and is it accessible to your agents in near real time? Is it accurate, and perfectly in sync with your so called “golden source” or data master ?
  • Workforce Alignment – WFM (workforce management) tools are not enough. You need accurate forecasts that can be adjusted in real time so that you can perform real-time adjustments in the contact center staff. Why pay for people you don’t need online?
  • Revenue Recognition – contact centers that are cost centers will always be a candidate to be cut. If you identify and implement alternatives to generate revenue out of your cost center, you will be more immune to the next round of cuts. Where can you find new waves of revenue that can be unlocked to generate new revenue streams through the contact center?