Delivering an Integrated Customer Experience across all your digital and traditional channels requires online; real, near or simulated-time; 24x7x365 access to all services through all channels. Organizations must focus on critical functional innovations and new target operating models that give you this access.   Customers will no longer accept:

  • Delayed customer onboarding
  • Batch / maintenance downtime
  • Manual document processing
  • Tools only available to your associates (asymmetric information)

The new customer expectation is to deliver the same great products, services and experiences at all channels in ways that are relevant and well adapted to the device or network being used. Think of the flexibility that banks provide to customers allowing them to perform a basic service like depositing a check when and where it is most convenient for them: at an ATM, with a Teller, taking a picture with a Phone or a tablet. How can this multi-modal, omni-channel experience be extended to other products or services?

More importantly, what are the barriers that will prevent your institution from providing these enhanced customer experiences, simplicity and convenience and from taking full advantage of the cost savings inherent to customer self-service? Organizations that have not yet adopted those critical technology foundations required to support these capabilities will inevitably fall behind.

Typically, true omni-channel experiences require banks to have implemented functionality like: web services, identity access management, enterprise content management, real time network and applications performance monitoring; frequently core account processing systems must be upgraded. A strong, unifying customer system with a single 360-degree view of the customer is mandatory. Absent this strong technology foundation, institutions will not be able to deliver this unifying, and now expected experiences like.

  • A fully digital, straight through (STP), omni channel experience
  • Continuous deployment of new capabilities to your employees and customers
  • Disruption of, and permanent shifts in the costs of delivering financial services solutions
  • Start anywhere, finish anywhere capabilities that are agnostic of the channel or device

Key Success Secrets

Delivering a truly Integrated Customer Experience requires that organizations truly understand the customer. They must begin this transformation journey to deliver the right balance of clicks and bricks by starting with the customer in mind. To succeed you must:

  • Enhance the customer experience through technology
  • Drive customer centricity through rich, full service digital capabilities
  • Migrate customers to a rich omni-channel solution that empowers their choices
  • Integrate digital solutions with human solutions, making it easy to connect live to an agent from any cell phone, mobile browser, iPad, PC, car or Refrigerator
  • Reduce complexity in accomplishing basic maintenance with personalized services
  • Improve enterprise profitability through a combination of increasingly profitable sales and service through low cost self-service options