CASE STUDY Contact Center


Gulf Coast Regional Bank

The Opportunity

Provide Contact Center with pre-conversion guidance and planning support to minimize the impact during the conversion to customers.

Improve the overall overall customer experience through proper staffing in order to minimize hold times and abandoned calls.

Our Role

  • Provide pre-conversion guidance and planning support
  • Plan and prepare for bank software and software conversion as well as bank acquisitions
  • Forecast call volume during the conversion periods
  • Create a model that can be used for planning moving forward
  • Retain new customers by appropriately staffing the call center during peak periods
  • Improve the IVR customer experience

Key Activities

  • Analyze and assess current state
  • Build a model to forecast volume, staffing levels for the conversion and subsequent post conversion periods
  • Create a staffing plan to handle new and existing call volume
  • Train bank operations staff on how to utilize the model
  • Document assumptions and present finding to executive bank staff
  • Refine model and create a go-forward plan utilizing the new methodology created

Bottom Line

  • Analyzed current state and found that the bank was currently paying for a 70/70 SLA.
  • Created a model and worked with bank staff to verify accuracy of the model and intradays. The model was spot on and is a great indicator of daily service level results.
  • Assumptions were documented and presented to Senior Executives at the bank.
  • Model was updated to include additional functionality for maildrops and other marketing activities