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Hobbs | Madison is a financial services consulting firm specializing in business and technology strategy, architecture, and solution design for clients in banking, insurance, and investment management.

We help financial services companies build sustainable competitive advantage through the use of business best-practices and technology to drive customer lifetime engagement, product innovation, and operational excellence.

Our proven methodologies and senior-leveraged staff guarantee high-quality results and accelerated implementations that address near-term market needs and maximize long-term growth.

Our clients include leading U.S. and international banking institutions, insurance companies, and investment management firms. We also provide strategic advisory assistance to the technology companies who support the global financial services industry.

A collection of observations and thoughts from the leadership team.

Which CRM Software Is Best For My Company…(and are we ready)?
September 20th, 2014

Because we have helped install (and de-install) many CRM solutions over the past several decades we are frequently asked "What is the best CRM solution for my financial services company?" (more...)