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Our Clients

Most of our clients request that we do not use their logo or name on our website. Our clients include many of the top 20 U.S. banks, international banks, many regional commercial banks, community banks and credit unions across the U.S. 

Insurance clients include many of the largest insurance providers in Hartford, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, and other regions in the U.S.

Our investment management / fund management clients include many of the largest firms in Boston and New York, with large retirement services provider clients in New England and the Mid-Atlantic.  Broker Dealer clients are in the Northeast, North Carolina and California.

We are able to provide a long list of world class client references for projects similar to yours.

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Client News

Recent wins and solutions that we have harnessed from our clients.

Most Recent Wins

  • Found over $7mm in saves…without reducing staff for a medium size bank.

  • Delivered a new commercial online banking system for a regional bank…on time and under budget.

  • Assisted in the design and approval of a new fund class of products for a large fund company.

  • Completed a call center performance optimization project that identified and resolved critical systems, software and operational problems that were crippling a large retirement services firms online performance.

  • Helped select a new CRM solution, and customize and deploy a Salesforce.com agent desktop solution for 400+ agents.

  • Completed the data warehouse design and migration support for a bank converting between a legacy core provider to a custom core solution.

  • Provided performance and scale analysis, tool design and development for a national bank delivery system.