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Our Strengths

Hobbs | Madison Adds Value At Every Touch™

Hobbs | Madison knows what executives want from their software vendors - a complete solution. What most software vendors are really selling is just a basic framework. Hobbs | Madison helps you understand what you are really getting, and how to bridge the gaps.

  • We provide senior level & highly skilled resources
  • Meetings that are crisp, well prepared, and that make good use of our clients and our team's time
  • We tell clients what they didn't know…and what they need to know.
  • We don't just repackage their thoughts
  • We deliver actionable results that really impact their bottom-line (Execution instead of Cogitation)
  • We are for when you actually want to execute, and not just think about it!

Our Practice Areas


  • Business Acceleration
    • Jumpstarting Stalled Initiatives
    • Business Case Development
    • Improving Sales & Service Results
    • Business Process / Workflow Optimization

  • Strategy and Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business / IT Alignment
    • Executive Governance
    • Organization and Staffing

  • Technology & Operations Solutions
    • Enterprise Architecture & Integration Solutions
    • Front Office Solutions (CRM/Sales/Mobile)
    • Middle Office Solutions
    • Back Office Solutions (Core Solutions)

  • Program Management / Staffing
    • M&A Conversion Program Support & Resources
    • Methodology and Tools
    • PMO Development and Staffing
    • Enterprise Initiative Program Management

  • Sourcing Strategies
    • Outsourcing / Insourcing Analysis
    • Vendor Negotiation and Selection
    • Conversion Program Management


  • Data Strategy
    • Customer Data
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Architecture / Data Access / Data Modeling

  • Integration Architecture
    • Services Oriented Architecture
    • Middleware / ETL (IBM MQ / Informatica)
    • ESB's

  • Bank Strategy
    • Board / Business Unit Strategic Planning
    • Offsite / Thought Leadership
    • (Cost Effective McKinsey)

  • Project Portfolio Management
    • Application Portfolio Management / Roadmaps
    • Identifying / Reducing Duplicate Technologies
    • Establishing or improving PMO's or Projects

  • Delivery Systems / Core Modernization
    • Platform, Teller, Call Center, Mobile Replacement or upgrade strategies (Business Case to Implementation)
    • Core Evaluation & Strategies to Upgrade, Replace or Preserve (to save your bank millions)
    • Call Center Advanced Technologies and Programs to save hundreds of FTE while increasing sales through this channel

Our Vision

To be recognized as a respected world class leader in the Financial Services Industry by building lifelong relationships while increasing sustainable, profitable growth through the highest quality solution delivery and by delighting our clients with top talent and successful delivery that solves their real problems.

Our Core Values

  • We recognize that our most important asset is our employees
  • We deliver value at every touch.
  • We are dedicated to total client focus and satisfaction.
  • We believe in commitment to quality and respect for others.
  • We deliver excellence, superior quality and value in everything we do.
  • We are vendor agnostic and have no downstream commitments.
  • We focus on what is best for the client – period.
  • We value the integrity, professionalism and contributions of all employees.
  • We are committed to the importance of our employees' quality of life and to helping achieve a balance between their personal and work lives.